Day 727

It’s like sludge

Beginning to fill my lungs

I know this feeling

I knew it was coming

It always returns

Loss becomes me

  I am not scared

Not as I was last year

I know you are here

I know that in the end I will find only this

I can endure this storm

I’ve encountered much more menacing beasts

I smile at myself in the mirror

Like that of an encouraging mother

I am finding my footing

Wedding ring

I miss it so much

Still fits perfectly

Like it knows it was always destined for this home

Everything I never knew I wanted

My thoughts vacillate

Following the flood waters

Creeping into the cracks of my foundation

Damaging all I can see

For miles

I remain so calm

While the chaos rages

Inches below my surface

Is this what grief really feels like?

I wish we had met sooner…

It’s like sitting down

To your favorite bowl of soup

Even though your sick

You’re heart steadies

And your spirit warms

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