Grandma E,

As I think back on the past almost decade you were a constant in a world that was full of chaos at one point. Though we weren’t “close” you never made me feel less than. Thank you. I think that is the biggest and most profound thing I can say. Thank you for always thinking of me. Thank you for birthday and Christmas gifts. The thoughtful and heartfelt messages written in the cards. Thank you for the hugs and smiles when we would see each other. Thank you for treating me as one of instead of the outsider I always told myself I was. I wish I could have known you better. That my kids would have baked cookies with you or had a few more laughs with you. I am grateful to have spent time with you at Molly’s birthday and on Mother’s Day. Memories I will cherish. Know that you are loved so very much and have touched so many. I know that you were greeted by those you loved most but I hope that you had a piece of our little family to greet you as well. Rest In Peace you were a wonderful woman and I know will continue to touch lives quietly. We will remember you every time we snuggle up with a Grammy blankey  💕

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