@butiyoga @goldenrationutrition
Day 1 #dare2barechallenge
Who am I? Lol god how many times have I asked myself this very question? I am a loving daughter. A mother of two. A dedicated worker. A survivor of heroin addiction. A warrior out of ashes of abuse. A young widow. I am Jess. I started my journey of self discovery in a place few ever leave. I was broken completely the shell of what I was told I “should” be. As a began my journey in recovery I found out I was not something to be thrown away. I didn’t deserve what I accepted. I learned I was worthy. When I met my husband I was proud of who I was. When I became a mother I was sure of who I was. Within seconds of my husband dying I lost everything I had built over the years physically, emotionally, spiritually. It was then that Buti found me. Now I was THAT girl that called us “glorified strippers” The one that would gag every time I saw white out photos or yoga poses. I HATED the fad of it all. When Buti entered my life I was shocked. It called to me. On my worst days where I wouldn’t even shower before work barely getting out of bed Buti would sing to my soul and reawaken that small defeated fighter. I would drag my ass to the gym only to find myself class after class. In a space I could cry or yell openly. A citadel in the hurricane that was and some days still is my life. Pushing myself a little further each class. Slowly but surly it has brought out so much more than I ever knew I held. Now that I live in a desert of Buti I really struggle to continue with this life changing practice. I hope with this challenge I will fall back in love with the very best version of me again 💕💕💕

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