Day 144

“For in our great sorrow we learn what joy means.” -Sleeping at Last (Sorrow)

Do you ever wonder if this is it? Like everyone knows that you’re broken in that way that is never fixed. Whether in the shadows or just covering every inch of you like a second skin. They intently watch as you crawl, run, stumble, just keep pushing further, just a little further Jess you can do it. They hold their breath as the waves billow over you behind you back. They wait. They say tomorrow will be better than yesterday. The pain will ease and you will learn. You are so strong you can do this! Not all pain is alike like snowflakes gradually falling searing your skin when it finally lands. I took a deep breath and dove right into what I have kept in a tiny little box labeled “Do Not Touch” I let myself fall into the pain hoping to relieve some of it. Instead everything I learned about myself was gone in an instant. So here I am soaking wet and trembling as the water recedes at my feet. Again I will gather my pieces, old or new doesn’t matter. So continues my journey.

3 thoughts on “Day 144

  1. Praying for healing and comfort and for you to know the truth that Jesus heals those who are broken. I love you Jessica.


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