Day 29


If a year ago you would’ve told me that I would be in a buti class I would’ve laughed in your face. I never thought that I would even consider walking into a gym let alone a buti class. I like others I just assumed it was a bunch of conceded women in a room loving the look of themselves half naked and learning new stripper moves for their boyfriends or husbands. I was so so wrong. Today I stepped outside of my comfort zone. And let me tell you it was the furthest I think I’ve ever stepped in my entire life. I walked into the gym completely terrified. And I was greeted with so many smiles and so much love from women that didn’t even know me. They knew me in passing or from a few conversations here or there but not to the extent of the emotion I received. Immediately I wanted to run! Make up some excuse on how I had gotten confused and it was in the next room. Or that I was just there to say hi to a friend. Not there for the class. Lol nope not me. When they turned down the lights and all I could feel was the music I felt that freedom. The freedom like the time I decided to jump off a cliff at a roundup. I have learned the things that you are sure you would die if you tried or just died of embarrassment have the most amazing payoffs. I’m not going to lie I lasted a strong two minutes then probably about another two half assed and the rest of the class I spent fumbling around. The best part? I did not feel judged by anyone or myself. Yep I said it! I didn’t even judge myself. I felt supported and encouraged! During shavasana I could literally feel Dave laughing at me for going against something I once was so convinced of. Contempt prior to investigation. God the program fits all. Yet I feel he would love how I am willing to admit my wrongs for the sake of growth. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I stick with it. The payoff after just one class is well worth being the dog with the tail between her legs. I look forward to proving to myself that when I put my mind to it I will achieve it. I am so grateful for Layla and the Wednesday buti woman for embracing me as one of their own. 🙂IMG_7242.PNG

4 thoughts on “Day 29

  1. I love this on so many levels. As you know I am not a fan of buti for myself but I know for many women it is the connection on the mat that works for them. Stay with it….and at the end no matter the practice there is Savasana!


  2. Some days the practice is tedious and others magical,but at the end of the class, that last few minutes, real angels encircle you and there is peace beyond anything you ever imagined. Good for you for trying something outside your comfort zone. Remember that yoga is not about judging others or their bodies and they aren’t judging you, its about you staying grounded in yourself and finding inner strength and peace.


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