Day 1,111

For the entirety of my life I have felt a special connection to baths. 

As a child they are where I would allow my imagination to run free and spend hours making entire story lines for my plastic miniature Disney characters. Making grand adventures and surprisingly introspective 

When I got older I would seek solace in the bathtub as my life got messier outside of that thin wooden door. 

Later I would hold a special place in my heart for giving my children baths. My favorites of Dave with Aj but also of me with Izzy. She loves laying on top of me with her legs dangling in the warm water. My little moon is a force. She is water itself, in all her ebbs and flows. She too understands the meaning of taking a minute to just be. Being a calming force for me when the winds get far too strong.

As I am taking things from past to ease my inner child out I can’t help but laugh at how circular my life has become. I now take baths to recenter and connect. No longer do I shed tears into porcelain as a way to escape. I do however find my calm.

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