Day 783

Steady your breath.
It’s sharp I know.
Nothing new to you.

Today I lost trust in the last person I believed I could depend on.
My life has been a series of smiles that slowly diminish into frowns dripping in tears.

I had to ground myself.

“Shed all that no longer serves you.”


I am so tired.
I miss my imaginary world.
Where I could shape my perception as I pleased.
This reality is stark and empty.
Full of vast expansions of silence.

I should have walked.
I should have stayed.
I should have listened, screamed, known, anything but this.

It’s as if towers of glass are shattering all around me.
I saw it distorted.

But I knew.

May the universe look kindly upon me.
I am loved.
I am strong.
I am enough.

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