Day 687

I thought about the steam rising from the concrete today.

How a mist covered all spaces one would want mist, to feel alive.

I had on beautiful indie acoustic.

Hand out the window

Fingers playing with the clouds passing by.

I took a deep breath and smiled one of those smiles you have as your child is born or you marry the love of you god damn life.

I remember only you looking at me saying “why is your face so weird” knowing full well you were my fucking one.

I thank and hate you a thousand times over for these beautiful blips in time.

Even as I allow myself to open to another I feel like I am yours.

Promised under god and law.

I wish we could have loved in the way I am capable now.

Although I feel as though I would run you off.

Nevertheless I miss you.





I am dying with and without your existence.

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