Day 674

They say you can see exactly how someone loves you by the way they photograph you.

May we never stop trying to capture the feeling of right now.

It’s like an itch

I just can’t not scratch it

It took me longer than you

I fought it

I didn’t believe the words that fell from your lips

With such ease

And certainty

I told myself what I always did

He is lying

There is a motive

He WILL hurt you

I didn’t want to be happy I think

Once you have something then it is another thing to eventually lose

I met you and was instantly terrified to lose you

After a few weeks of ignoring


Side stepping

I knew it was time to process

I could not hold you in limbo any longer than I could remain there

I woke up to the sound of your voice

No no no lol

Let me go back

I woke up from my own SNORING

Jeepers babe

I woke myself up with my own freaking snoring to hear you next to me

“I love you so much Jessica.”

Half asleep I think I smiled and continued snoring

I love and admire that you are not reserved in your expression

When you feel it you say it

Many would not understand but our life paths have lead us to this place where maybe we say it too much

At least I know neither party will ever doubt our feelings towards the other

There are moments where you look at me and I am completely unsure how I made it long enough for these little stolen moments with you.

Thank you for being exactly who you are.

You give me faith in humanity when all else seems rung dry of hope.

Please god let me remain in this space of gratitude 🙏

I am happy.

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