Day 656

I woke up to the feeling of your breath gently rustling the peach fuzz on my shoulder.

You didn’t know yet but I had made the decision to let myself fall for you.

Laying there with you pretzeled throughout my limbs I could not help but smile.

Here was this man.

The most random of men.

From Kansas.

Jeepers 😂

I wore no mask.

I was me.

In laughs.

Reprimanding my kids.

My grief.

My fucking love of Moo moos.


We have so many similarities.

And all the right amount of differences.

Where did you come from?

How will I recover if this goes left?

Will I be able to live up to the woman I would want to be if I ever let myself fully fall into this crazy space we are slowly creating?….


I looked at your facial hair.

It’s so coarse.

A tinge of red and sprinkles of white just in your sideburns.

Honestly I think the white is my favorite.

And your balding spot right at the top of your very tall head.

Then again I am very small.

I love your humanity.

You’re so pure and yet so jaded.

A total man.

No artistic sway to you.

I throughly enjoy it all the same.

Your dorkiness.

How much you make me laugh.

And your little butt.

Thank you for this time.

Thank you for holding Ajs hand.

Giving him a piggyback ride.

Playing at the playground.

Grocery shopping and not getting annoyed with my one track mind.

Buckling either kid just because it was so natural.

Thank you for dancing while making chicken.

Thank you for making Izzy laugh.

For making dinner while I gave the kids a bath.

Thank you for meshing in.

Thank you for vulnerability.

Thank you for cheesecake at midnight.

And for the gentle kisses on my forehead as I fell asleep.

Above all thank you for helping and allowing me to remember that, although I knew I could love another, I could be loved.




Maybe I wasn’t as broken as I have felt.

The further you traverse into all that is me the more you will realize how impactful the tiniest things in my world are.

You did like fifty in one hour.

Oh boy here I go again.

Please don’t just be another Gemini mind trick I play on myself.

I like this one.

Dave would too ☺️

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