Day 646

I shed the Ging

Like a snake skin

It was itching my spirit

Over and over this consistent reminder of who I was.

Who I am not.

I took a deep breath

“Shake the bottle”

I said out loud to an empty bathroom.

Placed a decent dollop in my palm and *splat*

No turning back now

I covered my head with this unfamiliar brown gloop and stared in the mirror searching for the now Jess.

Not Dave’s Jess

Or Cam’s Jess

Prescott Jess

Eby Jess

Not even the beginning of Virginia Jess

The Jess I have grown into

The inner woman I finally found

Who is she?

Far more introspective than previous IOS’

A woman of confidence (a work in progress)

An able single parent

Strong work ethic

Growing each day

Faithfully seeking God

Nearly fearless.

Even when scared.

Brave enough to try anyway

As I watched the river of dye run down my legs all I could do is breath deep and allow my tears to join into the winding path.

It’s always hard to change.

To believe fully that no matter what you WILL be taken care of.

“I’ve been washed away with everything I’ve ever known”

I love the shake up.

The building, disassembling, and re-creation.

How else do you live if you aren’t evolving?

The woman I am becoming will leave a mark on humanity.

Doesn’t matter big or small.

I know I will turn my darkness into light.

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