Dare2bare 2018

Day ☝️

I have been so wrapped up in myself lately that I had no idea it was #dare2bare time again! Omg literally my heart sang as I began to see all of you beautiful ladies putting yourselves out there. Last year I grew immensely through this challenge. I found my first taste of self love, self respect and sexuality through practicing Buti. Pause. Not like I’m going on Tinder and finding a bunch of randoms sexuality but the kind where you can begin to appreciate the way your hips are (stretch marks too!)the way you boobs sag (I made two whole humans after all) the way your hair falls in your face when your laughing or dancing your heart out. I am so so grateful for this challenge and look forward to all the growth yet to come for us all.

As always thank you ladies for being brave, beautiful, and bold. I love each and everyone of you.

#dare2barechallenge #butiislife #soulspeak #proveyoursweat #fuckfear #fuckjudgement #fuckself

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