Day 581

Finding art in a million little pieces….. Journey to my truest self.

Many times in my life I have walked away from everything. All comforts of the known and loved in search of my purpose. My journey has been full of twists, turns, roundabouts sending me reeling until finally the sun rises to reveal the plain I am to conquer. I don’t shy away from destiny. The need to consistently grow into that which I am destined to be has only increased as I get older. Kids. Man kids are constantly running me ragged while building me up. I look at them and think of the million times I have lost my way, if only mentally but still away. I think of how much these amazing tiny creatures have endured in their short lives and feel the fire to fight. Being a single parent is hard. Being a widowed parent is harder to me. The kids and I never get to be angry at Dave. We never get to be disappointed he didn’t show up again. They will never receive birthday cards. All we have to hold on to now is the memory of someone who once was. A memory that as I desperately try to keep alive for all of us is rapidly fading into pictures of a stranger. So the decision came. Fight for progress or remain and hope it all sorts itself out. I chose to fight. May our new adventure bring peace. May it be guided by more than self will of one. May they find their place. May we all find home once and for all.

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