Day 563

“I’ve been washed away with everything I’ve ever known.” -La Song (Lewis Watson)

Take a deep breath.

Stand tall.

Be proud. (There is no shame in that.)

Life is full of choices.

Be that victim of circumstance.

Curl into the fetal position.

Squeeze your eyes shut as if you hadn’t seen sunlight in decades.

Live in fear of the unknown.


Believe that any situation has been leading you on a path you needed.

That each “failure”, loss, tear, stumble, all of it was to build you into this unstoppable force.

What is my path?

I don’t know

But I feel it building. From deep inside there is this unbelievable shift.

I am that fierce and formidable woman I have idolized for years.

I am proud and impressed with my own drive.

I am in awe of the courage I have mustarded in the pursuit of happiness.

I truly love me.

Just as I am.


I know Dave is reveling in my accomplishments and pushing me to continue.

This is not the end.

Thank goodness for my amazing guardian angel.

I love you babe.

I am the woman to make you proud.

I hope you love Virginia as much as I do 💕

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