Grief is by far harder than any depression, anxiety, or even sobriety. I makes you question everything. It’s full of long wide awake nights and days filled with lumps in your throat. It’s about perseverance when every part of you screams to give up. It’s also about growth. Even when you cry in the shower you get out, put on makeup and show up for life. You find the very essence of yourself and live without fear when the whole world sees your vulnerability. It’s about love. He wouldn’t want me to admit defeat. Every laugh honors his memory. Every tear is strength in physical form. Everyday is a new day to be better than yesterday or not. It’s my journey and I am not afraid of it. #theoptimisticwidow#missyoualways #widow #strengthintears #growth


One thought on “Grief

  1. So amazing. So strong. . Wish I could calm your every fear. Dave is watching over you all and keeping you strong and safe. He’s safe in God’s arms and is there in spirit with you always.


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