Day 894

Yesterday I did some mass purging.

I went through the mess I created throughout the winter.

This was no metaphorical clutter, in fact this clutter was all too physical.

As I sorted through old mail I threw into random drawers littered throughout my apartment, scraps of paper with random dialects and excess of those things that brought me comfort during that deep freeze.

I was moving.

Yes determined to clear that obstruction I so loathed.

Scattered among the brimming from the edges drawers was an old favorite notebook we made our “Sunday Plan Book”.

……..Thank you for helping me grow up. I miss you.

Ok back to where I was…..

I flipped through the pages of your handwriting.

Thank you.

When everything felt so overwhelming you always had a way to bring me back.

I don’t think I ever said how much those mundane chore days meant to me.

I miss you.

I love you.

You were so appreciated.

Happy birthday from all three of us 💗

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