This is not my writing but these words were too true not to share

You know, there’ll come a day were you meet this girl, and she’s going to blow you away. She’s going to talk about things you never even new existed this side of the movie screen. She’ll talk like she is a hundred years old and fought through every war that has ever been waged. She’ll tell you things from a completely different perspective that you’ll actually start to question your own beliefs. She’ll use words and dialogue so profound, but yet so beautiful coming from her mouth, you’ll start using google to look up meanings of words you’ve never heard before, and you know what? You’ll start using them yourself. She’ll be filled with so much curiousity that it will break her little heart right down the middle and you’ll be left to put it back together. She’ll fill you with so much passion that you never knew would ever possibly fit. She’ll hide her face behind the towel when you see her apply her make up with her hair all tied up and wet and her cute embarrassed smile will burn your eyes straight to your soul because she is just so gorgeous naked and without the mask she wears for the world. She’ll be completely insane sometimes and set fire to your insides that you’ll feel like you just want to run away and never come back. But, don’t you fucking dare. Watch her move, watch her glide across the room even if she shines so bright, it’s blinding. Hold her tight, even if it terrifies you at the thought she might break. Kiss her with such vigor you lose conciousness, she’ll need that you know. Trace her wounds with the softest of touch, never let her feel ashamed. And you know, she’s going to make you feel so vulnerable at times, it’s scares the hell out of you, I get that, but please, just let it happen, you’re not use to losing control of your senses, embrace it though, learn from the experience, you’ll be amazed at the doors this new found vulnerability will open. You aren’t a warrior if you do leave, you won’t be some sort of manly hero because you think it’ll break her little heart, it won’t do her any good if try and clothe something that has always been naked. So don’t you fucking dare run from something, just because it terrifies you. Love her for as much as she can possibly handle, even longer than the universe will allow, because I swear, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life….


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