Day 424

Dave was honest, trustworthy, and loyal.

Love 1 post loss was not.

When you’re a writer you have to let the words flow somewhere. Be vulnerable sometimes.


Let me start off by saying I am so grateful that our paths crossed. Our time together was enlightening and drove me consistently towards growth in all areas of my life. You definitely helped wake me up when I felt stuck under a spell like Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. Like a chill on an early December morning that jolts you awake. Harsh but necessary. You were not my Prince Charming nor did I need you to slay the dragon, I got that bitch myself. Yet you had become an instrumental figure in my discovery of who I truly am and learning what I honestly deserve.

I think once you understand the finality of life, that you can’t say day after day I will do it differently tomorrow or seek material things, it’s hard to not live each second as the last. With you I noticed that actions, consideration, and words were selfish in nature. Par for the course in my life. You sir were narcissistic guy number 10 to walk in and back out of my life. Like a king throwing crumbs to the peasants I could feel when you became aware I was drifting and would do things that should have been done daily to appease the quiet riot in my soul. I understand that you are busy….. I am to; crazy busy. I think when you want something you do what you can, not what is convenient, to show that you are grateful for it. You don’t want me. Babe THAT IS OK. A widows love is pure, selfless, intense definitely not for everyone. I am a lot. Without all the baggage.






I get it.

Ugh I get it.

I hope that you progress upwards in life. Never holding yourself in this box that you swear you don’t exist in but I got to hear time and time again. You are an amazing man and capable of more than you would ever think. I wish you the very very best. My heart will always hold a space that fits only your smell. Lol ugh I’m a creep.

I’ll miss you

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