Day 372

One of the things I respected most about Dave was the close relationship he maintained with his parents. He had not always been able to show up as the son he would have wanted to be. So he made sure to put effort in daily to be who he believed his parents deserved. It was truly beautiful the relationship they had. He told them everything. Everything. Which at times I wasn’t a huge fan of.
I remember being terrified to meet them for the first time. Here I was fresh off a relapse, my ex had just passed away, still in a limbo with their son, and the kicker, I was pregnant with their first grandchild. I shook the whole car ride from Prescott.
“What if they hate me?”
“They know everything!”
I thought for sure I wouldn’t make it through the weekend but seeing the pure excitement on Dave’s face as we drove was so calming. It’s one of those special moments in life that you would choose to experience again.
I loved so much about him then.
Walking through the sliding doors to baggage claim I gave myself a pep talk (as I so often have to. Out loud and all) Glancing up I spotted them. I remember stopping dead in my tracks probably white as a ghost. “Breathe. Breathe.” I was brave then too I guess because within seconds I composed myself with a smile and went straight to them.
They were everything I expected from hearing Dave on the phone with them. So genuine. To the core. I often find myself wishing I could just be who I am without second guessing it as they do effortlessly. I love how real and consistent each of them is.
Over time and babies I have built these incredibly rewarding relationships with both of the most important people to my important person. I am so grateful for that. So often you here of families drifting apart after a death. I could not allow it. When I promised my life to Dave and had children I also made a promise to them. This I know is not everyone’s story or even possible in some situations which makes me even more appreciative of them.
They have become a safe place to be and say whatever I need. Without judgement, or at least they hide it well 😂, and received only love and understanding.
They really are my family.
All of Detroit
How could I not fall in love with all that he loved?


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