Day 66


Let’s talk about something that I literally get to deal with on a daily basis. To the people that call or approach me just to say “did you ever find out what happened to him” YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE! Nope no I do not know but honestly if I did I would not tell you. How he died doesn’t fucking matter you deeply insensitive and annoying piece of fucking shit. Did he die? Yes! Can you change it? No sooooooo why do you need to know more? You don’t! If you enjoy filling your lungs with oxygen, a luxury my husband no longer gets to do, go talk your bullshit to the wall! To another person! To the barrel of a gun! Because I and my family owe you NOTHING! He is dead. If you need an excuse to go use why don’t you go do it because his death is not your get out of jail free card.

Ging 🖕💁

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