Day 610

“I couldn’t wait for no man

Divided your face in freehand, because

Oh this context

There’s context in our love”

~Freehand (Novo Amor)

Morning motivation

(Tweet tweet)



The sun is coming up



Let me stay here

Not yet

I’m not ready yet

(Tweet tweet)


(Tweet tweet)

Yes! Yes tweet tweet you fucking assholes!

“Get up Jess. Get up.”


I’m getting up

“Brush your teeth, throw on some mascara you look rough, wash your hair, pack a lunch, make coffee, get the kids ready, get in the car, drive to work, tow the line”

Yes. Yes, yes, yes like I don’t already know this.

“Don’t get aggravated.”

Fuck you.

“Allow the silence to be deafening. It’ll only hurt awhile. I promise. Now I need you to focus. Find your voice. Speak but speak with intention. Can you do that?”


“Good it’s only the beginning.”

*places one tippy toe on the carpet*

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