Loss is senseless

The level of compassion that comes with being a widow can sometimes be overwhelming. In the groups I see daily struggles. Of my fellows. My tribe. Many times I wish I could just reach out and hug them because I understand that pain. It can come in a waterfall of words or in the silence. “I am lost” When something disastrous hits an already decimated land, my heart hurts. I can’t imagine any more challenges on top of what we already endure daily.

Someone in my tribe lost someone close to them. Again. My soul aches for her. The questions she must be asking. The insurmountable mountain of pain she must be in. I can’t help but to ask God, again, Why? To lose a child is something I have not experienced and god willing I never have to. I can’t even imagine. When I woke up this morning she was the first thing on my mind. Now I don’t know her but I don’t have to. She is one of my own. I pray that peace finds her. That eventually the acceptance around choices that were not her own will settle lightly on her shoulders. Things like this will never be ok. Yet I pray that she can still find joy in the sorrow. That she will know that her tears are heard. Her pain held. I hope she knows how many are thinking of her. That she has THOUSANDS behind her, even in the dark. Because in my tribe if you fall we are there! With hands outreached there to pick you up, carry you, to hold you when you are weak. To whisper words most are to afraid to actually utter out loud.

Please take a moment to look at this link. Many times when your world is crumbling the first thing we have to think of is monetary issues. That is something no one should have to think of amidst this endless pain.

Know that you are loved.

And we are here.

One tribe in any vibe.


2 thoughts on “Loss is senseless

  1. Thank you for this. I lost my boy to overdose 16 months after losing my husband. While I would have much rather have remained in my tribes of the last 30+ years; wife and mother. I now belong to our new tribe, and in my grieving I so appreciate this new tribe. 💜

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