Manifesting self love ❤️

How I love this body…..

It has endured sexual abuse for years.

Held me up as I walked through an abortion.

Carried me when I refused to feed it.

When I thought I was invincible and put substances directly to my blood stream it didn’t wavier.

Gussied up to marry the man I loved.

Created two new humans.

Experienced miscarriage and illness.

Held my soul as it screamed.

It encompasses all that is “young widow”

Mustered up energy to clean the same toys day after day or carry twenty bags of groceries at once.

It has been laid on by the tiniest miracles.

Has been loved and used.

Thrown to the curb and hit while on the ground.

It has tried to leave this earth when it all felt too much.

While still finding joy in my pain and combusting in laughter.

What I love most is that I am still here.

Still holding my head high.

I love knowing that no matter what this “imperfect” skin is absolutely perfect for me.

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